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perspectiveI often think about perspective. It seems to me that it has to be up there with some of the most important things to think about. It really is one’s window into reality. What is reality but an individuals perspective?

And it is a rabbit hole. The wonderland kind. I mean, how often do our moods dictate how we perceive the world around us? The answer I have settled on is “all the time”. The chances of the whole world changing just because our internal environment does, is improbable at best, yet almost everyone can agree that when you are in a bit of a slump everything seems to go wrong. Murphy rears his irritating head and things really seem to go pear-shaped. In the same breath, when we are on top of the world, problems do not seem so bad, things seem to go our way a little more. Truth be told, although some days are worse than others, I’m pretty sure that it has more to do on what we focus on.

When we are down and out, we seem to focus on the negative a little more. That work load we have seems insurmountable. Those bills we have to pay seem to number into the millions. And any positive events seem to drown into the cesspool of negativity that we have, well, created for ourselves. But, on the flip side, when we are feeling particularly good (for what ever reason) things just don’t seem that bad. Suddenly those bills seems to diminish in their hold over us, the work load seems to be something that can be overcome with a “one task at a time” mentality and every slightly positive event seems magical.

It seems such a limiting and feeble side effect to being human. Our lives are literally controlled by our perspective. But in reality (what ever that is) it can be an extremely powerful tool to being happy. Change the way you think and your perspective changes. Change your perspective and the whole world seems to change, or at least the way you look at it.

Very often we are our own biggest critics. Our friends, or the vast majority, don’t care if we missed gym this morning, or if we had a cheese griller for breakfast instead of oats. They don’t care if we napped instead of finish that assignment or if can’t seem to break the smoking habit. They don’t worry about the small zit on your ear lobe or the fact that your biceps look 1.2% smaller in that shirt.

It is that perspective shift that can cause a powerful transformation in our lives. Understanding that we are harder on ourselves than anyone else is. Understanding that all this, is really for us. We don’t have anything to prove to anyone else. Dove came up with a great commercial. Advertising is not the greatest thing to base our perspectives on but this one has a little bit of a silver lining. Good going Dove (or their advertising agency at least).