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Ramfest 2013
This passed weekend I went to my first Ramsfest. And let me tell you, it was a challenge. I had to dig deep. I had to search within myself and find the zen of “going large”. And I found it.

The morning of Ramsfest I woke up with stomach cramps. I never get stomach cramps. My stomach is like a cask iron safe. I can eat just about anything and my stomach will just digest through it. So, on Friday morning, after a large run in with bacon, followed by cramps, I started getting concerned to say the least. So much so I thought about staying home. Fortunately (unfortunately?) my friends came together to get me a ticket. Staying home was not an option. I had to make the best of it.

It was raining when we got there, a blessing in disguise. The dust would have been unbearable otherwise. The venue was basically a forest. I love trees, so this made me happy. And, the stage and food area was small. This made finding people much easier. Another win.

The bands were pretty much your usual local awesome, with appearances from Chromium, Facing the Gallows (old mates of mine – always a wild rock out), Jack Parrow, Van Coke Cartel and the always enjoyable Fuzigish. There were a few that stood out though, some I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing before.

PH Fat – not my usual cup of tea, but a great performance and some really sick beats. The DJ is a genius. 

Sons of Settlers – What a breath of fresh air. Such a wide variety of genres, all played like it was their one true passion. Lots of acoustic stuff, all of it awesome. Suffering from a hangover and stomach cramps, and these guys pulled me right out of the slump and back into the swing of things. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Bring Me the Horizon – Great. One of my all time favourite bands. Unfortunately they didn’t play anything from their first album, which was a pity because it is my favourite. But they rocked out with “It Never Ends”. Such a sick song. Such a sick performance. Ollie’s voice was out in full force and the stuff from their new album, although widely critiqued because of their new direction, is amazing in my opinion. Really enjoy “Sleepwalking”. But they failed with “Anti-vist”. Not my favourite. Otherwise their performance was impeccable, the sound was amazing and the pit; deadly. I got involved. Best time.

Rise Against – I have never really jumped on this train. And I scold myself for it. One of the first times in my life that I saw a band live (after hearing studio stuff before) and made a mental note to buy their album. They are amazing. Their set was mind blowingly tight. Tim out did himself with awesome. His stage presence screamed “rock star” and whispered humility. I love anyone who loves coming here.

Pendulum & Verse – Pendulum were amazing. Mind blowing in fact. Cramps aside, I partied my face off and danced for seven hours straight, Pendulum being the last act I watched. I burnt more calories in that set than I did all through my high school rowing career. Amazing. Verse, not so much.

An important addendum: in the parking lot there was an old car with an alarm going off. And I saw a girl, whose name will not be mentioned, walk up to it and kick it. The alarm stopped. She kicked an alarm off. Or on. You never know with alarms. Are they on when they go off? Who knows. Point is this: it stopped making a rukkas when she kicked it.

All in all it was an amazing festival. I probably had ebola, but I partied anyways. Thanks you energy drinks. And tequila.

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