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522348_302298716547842_1205356386_nIt has been a while since I have really been excited for a festival. I always have a good time at them, and always get up to mischief. But last week, looking forward to Cape Town’s Holi One Colour Festival, there was nothing but complete and utter excitement. 

I had first heard about India’s Colour Festival while over seas. I had met some folks that went and they showed me a video or two that made butterflies in my belly. Upon returning to South Africa, and hearing that we were having our own version, I knew that I was in for an adventure.

White NinjaThis passed Saturday came to be. We got there quite early, wearing white and armed with ninja equipment. The day was perfect, the sky was blue and people were amped. It had all the ingredients for the making of a life long memory. We caught a small glimpse of the first colour explosion while in the queue. Every hour, on the hour, there is a massive countdown and everyone releases their colour powder (Non-toxic of course, and thankfully so, ate a kilo of it) . Seeing a cloud of colour floating out of the Grand Parade in Cape Town only fueled the excitement.

Pink NinjaWithin the first couple of minutes of entering the venue, we were assaulted with colour. I came with Karina and some of her friends. Truly lovely crowd, only to be separated in the first hour. Luckily I stumbled across, by ‘stumbled’ I mean searched for, my good friend Uysie. That is where things started to get a little fruity. Bar queues forced us to buy in bulk, and the heat of the day forced us to drink said bulk, fast. Luckily the vibe in the bar tents was one of laughter and, well, colour.

Rainbow explosionUysie and I took no prisoners. We missioned around documenting the shennanigans and all the while dancing to some of the sickest beats I have ever heard. The music really got the atmosphere going with some epic performances from the likes of Richard the Third and Maoriginal. Super Flu brought the place down with a set that could rival heaven. And, yet, the colour assaults kept coming. Witnessing a count down could be likened to seeing a rainbow explode. Truly breath taking. The colour literally blocked out the sun.

Universal NinjaUysie and I, now donned with colour, went out in full force to meet as many people as we could. And what amazing people we met. Unfortunately I cannot mention everyone here, and I can’t remember all of your names, but as the photos become ready I stick them into the gallery below. There were people from all over, including the home town (or very close to) of our good friend Sammy in Germany.
I am happy to announce that the coloured powder actually saved my life. Being so thoroughly covered in it meant the sun couldn’t eat away at my skin. That, combined with the beer, would have been a fatal error.

IMG_0887All in all it was a spectacular event. It promoted fun and togetherness. And I didn’t see one bit of aggression while I was there. Even the cops on duty were covered from head to toe and smiling. It was an amazing experience and I am tempted to make a mission to the Joburg one, just to do it again. The only down side of the whole experience was that it had to end, and this left meant the world caught up and exhaustion followed. I was a tired man. A happy, colourful but tired man.

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