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gustav hauptfleisch

For my dad.

I once read a story about a man who had a dream. This dream spoke of greener pastures and great things. It spoke of adventures and reward. It also spoke of trials and tests. Of tough times and hard times. Of adventure and passion. But more than that, it spoke of experience. It spoke of life. It spoke of walking a path that is lit up by one’s heart.

Sometimes, people are destined for great things. Sometimes, they forget about that because they get so invested in the great things that the people they love are involved in. These people grow and mold the people they love. They teach and offer advice. But this grows and molds them too.

Then one day, the people that they love are grown, and start to grow themselves. And so they move on. This gives rise to an opportunity for the people destined for great things to continue on their destiny. To fulfill their own dreams and let the people they love do the same.

This time is for you. Take it, revel in it. Devour it. Us loved ones are taught and taught well. We are now at the will of our own lives. We will continue to be taught by the trials and triumphs of our own lives. It is time for you to use everything you have learnt and enjoy it.

Good luck dear sir, and regardless how things work out, laugh. Regardless what pops up, persevere. I have no doubt that success will engulf you, if you let it. But most of all, enjoy it. Adventure is always there to be had. I love you.

PS: there was no way I was going to use any other photo than this pimp daddy porn star one. hahaha. Amazing! 🙂