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valentines dayI like Valentine’s Day. I am a hopeless romantic. There, I said it. Have at me. But let me get this straight, at least. Just because I like Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean I condone the twisted money making schemes that come with it. Companies tend to go over board and there are restaurants and other romantic places that double their prices on Valentine’s. I don’t agree with that. But why is that any reason to hate on the day itself?

For me, I do not see a reason to concern myself with the silly economic debates when it comes to Valentine’s. It is not about that for me. It is about having a day where you can be romantic and do all those vomit-worthy cutsie things with out feeling like a tool. Personally, I do that stuff anyways. I am totally whipped by the idea of courtship and romance. I think it is awesome. And, I challenge any girl to hate on a little bit of romance…in the correct fashion. I have met many girls that hate on romance, or the whole Valentine’s spirit. But how many of them would really disapprove of romance if it is done with a little consideration and tact?

You see, it is all about the idea of romance. Is romance throwing stones at a window, standing with a ghetto blaster, over your one-true-love’s name written in flames on the grass? Maybe, if you are into that kind of thing. But probably not. Most women these days would call the cops to sort out the public disturbance and hate on the guy for accidently  burning down her tree house.

Romance, for me, is about being thoughtful. It is about understanding your partner, or partner to be, and working with that. I know plenty women that would kick a man in the balls for breaking into her office and setting up an elaborate display of affection, complete with a recording of soppy poetry recited in the most old school style he could muster. But, I know very few women that would get upset coming home to a bubble bath, run and ready, a glass of wine, some of her favourite “relaxing” tunage and a glass of wine. That kinda romance is bound to be appreciated. Provided she isn’t allergic to water, or six months sober.

My point is this. Romance is about being tactful and cleverly original. You can revamp some of the old traditions. I still present a single red rose on occasion,  provided the woman is worth it. But I give it my own little flare. I love magic, so I make it appear out of thin air.

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate romance. It is no reason to let cynicism and contempt ruin it for everyone. What is wrong with a celebration of love? Fair, it is each to their own. But let people making the best of it, make the best of it in peace. And if you have economic issues with Valentine’s, cool, don’t support it with your money. Stay in.

Say what you will, I don’t see so many people fighting St Patrick’s Day.

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