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dancing togetherI think it is extremely important to appreciate stuff. And it isn’t as easy as it seams. These days, we are so concerned with tastes, likes and dislikes, that we end up having a vendetta against things. I know, I have a vendetta against marzipan. And although my vendetta has its roots in humour, I do appreciate that I am not fond of how it tastes at all. 

I will use music and dance as an example. I used to be quiet selective about what I listened to. I was genre specific. Anything that was not a part of the genre I deemed worthy, was not worthy enough to be considered. It was a sad condition to be in. Classical music, for a sub example, was something I could not appreciate. It was labeled in my mind as edgy, old and obsolete. What was worse was dance altogether. There was no time to waste on tom foolery. My pride convinced me that dancing was for foolish people. Let alone watching dance. There was nothing more boring than a ballet or a musical.

It was only as I grew up, opened my eyes and broadened my perspective, that I started to see beauty. I started to be able to hear and see there was a story to be told. I started to see that music and dance were not about tastes but about moods. Especially with older types of music that I had alienated when younger. I began to watch dancing and listen to all kinds of genres. Mostly stuff from history, where romance was still alive and living in the melody, the beat…the moves.

Music only opened the door to an appreciation of dance. It began with enjoying the physical accomplishments of hip hop dancers. The fact they were strong enough to pull off some of the things they did was incredible. But then I watched closer. I started to see the precision that was needed in order to make the dance come alive. How almost every part of the body had to be under control and in a certain place at a certain time. Yet, when each movement, each moment, was pieced together it flowed as naturally and as fluid as water running in a creek. It was transfixing.

That opened my eyes to more styles of dancing. Watching a couple dance the tango may seem lame or cliche, but that is until you really watch a couple doing dancing the tango. When you can feel the story those moves are telling, a trance ensues. It is beautiful. The intensity of the tango, the lightness of the waltz. Each dance, across all the styles told a story. Ballet. The precise of precise. Recently I have really started enjoying ballet. I have a good friend who is a professional dancer and instructor and she invited me along once or twice.

It was beautiful. Truly breathtaking. It made me realise how roped up we can get in our tastes. In our likes and dislikes. How we can miss so much beauty simply because we don’t allow ourselves to see it. I realised that you don’t have to ignore something just because you don’t fancy it. It can be appreciated for what it is worth. However, then it may not be so easy to dislike.