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massive2Massive. This is a word that I have come to use quite often in the last couple of years. Massive. Everything has to be massive. My general attitude was that we are only alive for so long, why not make it massive? So I did. As I have mentioned before, I have been in very wondrous and often peculiar situations. I have seen a bit of the world, saved a man’s life, walked across a country, moved provinces in two weeks and as of five months ago been working near the seaside. Massive.

Tonight the Red Hot Chilli Peppers played at Greenpoint Stadium. Now it is at this point that I reluctantly say that I am not the biggest RHCP fan. I say reluctantly because I have received many a tongue lashing after saying this. I have to mention that I think them a superb band, it is more simply a case of the fact that I relate to music on an emotional level and I never had RHCP feature in my life in that aspect. But, I digress. From what I could see riding passed the stadium, and the excitement at the pre-drinks, that it was going to be nothing short of massive. And, at midnight, a mere ten minutes before writing this, I had this idea to meet up with friends after the show. They would probably be keen for a party and the idea of going massive with them was, well, massive, I felt a sense of obligation for a second. I had to go massive because that is what I have always wanted…

Then it hit me. As massive as going out, half way through a movie, two hours after I retired for the night might be, it was just as massive going back to bed and watching the other half of the movie. It was simply what I felt like doing. It wasn’t conventionally massive, but it was something that I really, really felt like doing. It struck me as strange that something so seemly mundane could be so attractive, yet it was an attraction all the same. I kind of just realised that life is massive when you are simply doing what you feel like doing.

– I just received a text from Trace, who was at the show, as if a divine temptation to go out and party – The irony!

It doesn’t need to fulfill some check list of awesome. It doesn’t need to be what all your friends of yours are doing tonight. It doesn’t have to be a massive story to tell. It can simply be massively lekker. I say FOMO can go. Massive is yours to decide. And that is massive.