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VictoryAnd so continues the Friday friend profile. Please note, that this is in no order of awesome, all my friends hold that title. I will get to everyone eventually, unless you  are a bad friend (That means you Sheri haha), these profiles can be updated at any time, so just because you have been profiled does not mean you are safe.

This brings me to Victor Szewzcenko. Yes, even after all these years, even after using advanced memory techniques, even after being taught what letters are what sounds in Polish…I had to check the spelling of his surname. Basically we have come to the general conclusion that if anyone can spell his surname right, or pronounce it flawlessly off the cuff, we have empirical evidence that God exists. Which makes me realise why Mr Geoghegan, the previous vice principal at our high school, could catch people smoking with a precognitive efficiency. And could control the weather.

Victor is a smooth operator. So smooth, you could slide him uphill. His positive disposition is only matched by one thing, his love for cheese. He tried to give up eating cheese once, and apart from devouring 100% more butter, the world nearly ended. A gross exaggeration you say? No. That is an understatement of note. Victor is also the only person I know that can get away with wearing short shorts. By get away with it, I mean actually make people stop and say “hey those short shorts look good on you.”

We have been friends for a while now. We actually became friends in some non-physical world. One week he hated me, next week we were best friends. Impossible you say? Many impossible things happen around Victor, watch him eat a block of cheese. In -3 seconds. Basically if Vic is ever late, all he needs is to eat a couple of blocks of cheese – BAM, early.

On a serious note: He really loves cheese. Victor is another best friend 5000, and upon travelling together, became a brother. Basically he is a champion in all respects. EVEN rolling cigarettes, although that was something he actually had to put a little effort in to be good at.
Anyone who knows Vic will agree that apart from women, laughter follows him where ever he goes. We are well known across Europe just because of our inane ability to laugh continuously. Vic is also prolific at taking photos of himself, and getting people to pull faces.

As with all my friends I can go on and on, singing their praises. I consider myself fortunate to have this Warrior as a friend. And anyone who has met him will agree. He is simply a blessing to have in my life, and I have a gargantuan amount of respect for him, not only as a human, but in his capacity to love. I have learnt many things from Vic, but the most memorable lesson has to be to chill. To relax, to truly let go and let things be. A Warrior, a Zen Bauws and all all round excellent person. Good on him, and better on anyone who has the sense to befriend him.

But seriously, he loves cheese.