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awesomeAs I have mentioned before, I own a scooter. Many people see this as a petty accomplishment, a mediocre means of transport and even a poor indication of financial status. I beg to differ. For me, this purchase is one of the single biggest events to have actually changed my life. Dramatic much? No. Let me explain.

Besides the obvious financial savings, and the low CO2 emissions. Besides the fact that I have always wanted one, and having one is a dream that has come true, an accomplishment. My scooter allows me to be awestruck. This seems like quite an extreme conclusion to make considering it is, after all, just a scooter. But like with so many other things in life, it is not the superficial event or object that is awesome, it is the opportunities it provides.

This morning, as with every morning, I got on to my scooter and started my way to work. A typical routine for anyone that works. The difference is that living in Sea Point, I have a drive to work that is nothing short of awesome. Truly awesome. There is the ocean right across the road. Anyone who has ever taken the time to sit, for more than twenty minutes, staring at the ocean will know that it is nothing short of incredible. I love everything about it, the smell, the waves, the water…everything. Driving to work on my scooter affords me the opportunity to take it all in. I can feel the breeze on my face, I can smell the actual ocean in the air. It is magical.

Once I move away from the promenade, I take a slow drive through the city to my place of work. It isn’t a far drive, maybe eight kilometers, if that. But I go slowly. I get to take in the sights and sounds of the city. I get to see people walking to work, school kids jumping around like the monkey I used to be. I see people laughing, I see people fighting, I see people making plans, I see people implementing plans. I see people living. In more aspects than I could imagine, let alone capture in a measly five hundred word article.

My point is that every morning, and afternoon commuting home, is awesome. Not in some watered down sense of the word. In the true, original capacity of it. It leaves me awestruck. Sometimes close to tears, as lame as that sounds. I am left with a sense of wonder. This world, filled with more organisms than we care to acknowledge, is working. It is alive. It is moving and growing. And the most humbling of thoughts, it does so whether I care about it or not. Whether I get up or not.

I could go on and on and on and on. But I would rather lend a piece of advice. Take a look around you. A proper look, not the judgmental and cynical look that we all tend to slide into from time to time. Just a simple look. You don’t have to understand it or even think about it. Just look. Life is happening. It is all there. Everything.

And it is awesome.

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