the raverFor a while now I have been playing with the idea of doing friend profiles. A short but concise post on all the characters I have in my life, to help readers better understand the people I reference every so often. I think that Friday, from here on out, will be profile day. So with out further delay, I am pleased to introduce Sheri-Anne Kingston.

Sheri-Anne and I have been friends for a very short space of time. Maybe just short of a year in fact. And we have grown to be awesome friends despite her quirky nature and tunage. She has a great sense of humour and is totally full of shit. I love it. But do not be fooled. Her wit can be so sharp, it will cut even the boldest of the bold down to size…provided she has managed to have a nap. She naps a lot. I think napping and Redbulls are the source of her power. I have heard she is a great story teller. I concur. She is able to take the most mundane of events and turn them into a ‘Days of Our Lives’ omnibus. And I’m talking the days when Stefano had only died once, and Marlaina was possessed by the devil. The real good stuff.

She also likes to rave. By like I mean LOVE. I have no comment on that though. I do, however, like her banging body. LHAG. Little hot Asian girl. She has good taste in shoes, and is picky. LIKE PICKY. And, although she is a bad friend, she is a best friend 5000. I give her 23 points. Good conversation and a smart ass 5001. On a serious note, she is a special and thoughtful individual. Any person would be fortunate to have her as an acquaintance, let alone a friend. I managed to get one or two people to share some words about her.

“She is the Asian angel. Nice and lovely but if she gets some Redbull, she becomes the dancing devil.”
– Sammy DerLuchs

“Sheri Kingston. Where to begin?
Uh yes…Never leave Sheri unattended around Redbull! This is the first and most pressing matter! Sheri is known for her prolific capacity to “Rave”, as it is affectionately termed among us. This already super-human capacity is considerably enhanced with the introduction of Redbull into the system. Consider Super Saiyan 3 Goku rocking out 5000 the most hardcore Dub 0_o. Failure to comply with this simple law will inevitably result in outrageous and incomprehensibly intense nights (and by nights I mean entire weeks) out, the utter destruction of the dance floor,mens hearts, and sometimes small moons. Occasionally there are also unfortunate deaths of innocent bystanders resulting from exhaustion (but this has only happened three times).

After considerable training in various mystical traditions one is able to come to a state of “Rave Zen”, which is the only know state capable of resisting and occasional (we once lost an over confident friend during nefarious “Tiger Tiger” incident) of subduing the awesome power of the Sheri, other than Mc Donalds that is. However, as one of the “Rave Zen” initiates, I can confirm that the effort is well and truly worth it. Sheri is Super Duper Rad, gets involved all the time, and is just generally excellent to hang out with. As a result of prolonged exposure to our social dynamic she has also developed an incredibly sharp tongue, which if left unchecked, might cause serious embarrassment to the affected party and virtually endless hilarity for everyone else.

For “Rave Zen” classes please contact Jedi Master Yoda on 0800 – THEFORCE.”
– Victor Szewczenko

“Every hertz of radio wave coming from my wifi considers itself blessed when graced with her telepresence. Every megabite transferred in pursuit of carrying her voice could serve no more divine a purpose. Though the screen on which her face appears is not my own, I am honoured to be in some small way a part of the facetime calls that are conducted on my property.”
– Hendri Lategan

is always very merry.
She loves to dance,
And is always ready to ‘vat n kans’.
Morgan is always by her side
(the gap between them is never very wide)
She often says, ‘Boet’,
which makes her a legend.”
– Iga Agata Motylska

There you have it. Sheri-Anne “The Raver” Kingston.