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pooOne of the mot amazing discoveries of my life was finding out that constipation is directly related to depression. And it makes total sense. The saying, “you are full of shit” came from a very literal place. I decided to investigate. I know that in the past, when life seems to be encroaching on my ‘happy-go-lucky’ attitude, I would miraculously feel better after a good visit to the porcelain throne. Even when I was growing up, my mother’s first response to any ailment I was complaining about was “when last did you have a poo?” Honestly, I just figured my mother had some weird obsession about fecal adventures, but as it turns out, like many other things she said throughout my life, that it was pure wisdom.

So what is behind this wonder, I wonder? Well after a little investigation I found that there are a couple of reasons for this. The first, and main, reason is that when you are constipated, feaces remain in the intestines for a longer period of time. The intestines are where your body absorbs the nutrients it needs, in this case, calcium, magnesium and vitamin B. When you are constipated, those nutrients are not absorbed as easily. These nutrients are vital in the production of serotonin (the bodies happy hormone). Ironically, serotonin also has a huge influence on bowel movements, and a lack of it can cause your bodies digestive and excretion system to slow down.

The second reason is more of an opinion. When you are constipated, you feel heavy. You feel groggy and demotivated. Having a good poo causes a ‘feeling light’ sensation, which can be all you need to get up and go. Thirdly, most of the body’s water is absorbed in the intestines. When they are blocked up, water is not absorbed as easily and dehydration can occur. This results in headaches, fatigue and feeling down. All in all, keeping regular is vitally important to feeling good.

On a slightly different level, and more of a personal one, I have found that if you ever get to that point in an evening of drinking where you feel like you have had too much and start feeling nauseous and ready to pass out, having a good ol poo can bring you right back into the game. I always say, when you reach that point of the evening where it seems like there is no return, have a coke and a poo. Bam.

Not the most delightful of posts, but an important one. This has saved me on a number of occasions. If you are feeling full of shit, take a dump and pull yourself together. Not many people know about this, so spread the turd.

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