mirror mirrorSo it is a new year. Besides having to get used to writing ’13 at the end of dates, nothing much really changes, does it? I mean not in the obvious sense. We all get that new year “I’m going to bite down trees and do eyebrow pushups” energy, but that doesn’t really come on the first,  because of the hang over and doesn’t last passed the seventh because everyone is back at work. So what gives? What is up with humans and their fleeting spurs of motivation?

Really, for me, it boils down to action. When you want to be in shape, exercise and eat properly. If you want to be successful, put in the hours. We are constantly hiding behind the illusion of luck or the delusion of impossible. Neither exists. There is a way to do anything, and everything. Probably even outside of the boundaries of the physics we know of today. If you want something, and some one before you has probably wanted it and got it, do something about it. Go out and make it happen. That is all I have to say about that.

The rest of this post is going to be about how awesome my holiday was. Good friends, good dancing, good music, good tan and good vibes…most of the time. This holiday was spent living like the top percent. There were models, and music videos (complete with little people in top hats), penthouses, good food, wine, important people (both personally and publically), honest out comings and friendships built, rebuilt and refined. It was the most eye-opening holiday I have been on. Ironic after spending a good portion of last year roaming.

I think I just realised that my thinking can be done independently with consideration to external opinions, rather than formed around them. It was tough, because some of the magic disappeared. Some of the careless thinking was challenged. Yet another comfort zone to be destroyed. But comfort was found in discomfort. And I rather like that. I feel more in control of my thinking and less in control of the world, and honestly I believe that is where I should be. Things will happen. That I cannot change, what I can change is how I deal with that. How I respond. And how I set up preparation for knowing that things will always be like that.

This year is about health and wealth. A simple rhyme with complex ramifications. This is year is about getting into gear. This year is about being intelligent and acting accordingly. This year is about making it rain. I am amped. Amped as anything. Bring it on; the year of foundation.

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