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thai styleI think that it is appropriate to entertain possibilities, regardless of likelihood. I am not saying that you should act stupidly based on these assumptions, but it cannot do any harm to entertain their possibility. I love reading about conspiracy theories. There is a small likelihood that some of them are correct, but there is always a chance that they are. Some have a greater probability of being correct, others have a very small probability of being correct. But I do think it is safe to say that I do not, and the human race does not know enough, to regard anything as being completely impossible. 

So in the spirit of entertainment, this could be the last post I write before the world ends. What do I write about? Do I list all the secret loves I have had? Do I use it as a platform of confession? Do I simply say “so long and thanks for all the shoes?” No. Consequence is also a possibility to entertain. If the world does not end tomorrow, then I may land up with angry secret loves, and a whole bunch of explaining to do. Pretty much the same reason I am not walking around naked, which happens to be something I would definitely do if I was 100% sure that the world was going to end.

Instead, I am going to take this opportunity to speak a little bit about how much I love Thai food. Thai food is great. I like it hot. In South Africa we have a chain Thai food restaurant called Simply Asia. It makes fantastic green curries. Green curries are my favourite Thai dish. I had it for lunch today, and because there is a small possibility that the world is going to end tomorrow, I ordered it “Thai style”. There are three grades of intensity to order from on the menu. Mild, medium and hot. I recently found out that you can order it “Thai style.” This is the hottest and most intense grade they have that I know of so far. It doesn’t even show on the menu.

So I ate it. And it was fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And hotter than Rhona Mitra in Nip/Tuck. Now, I may have overlooked a couple of scenarios here, with regards to consequences. If the world does not end tomorrow, I will have to deal with the excretion after effects of this curry. If the world does end tomorrow, due to the Mayans being in a different time zone, I may have to deal with it anyways. People always tend to forget that eating hot food is not the difficult part, its dealing with the ‘ring sting’. And lastly, what if my ring sting tomorrow is the end of the world that the Mayans ‘predicted’?

I should have thought about this a little more before ordering. If the end of the world is my fault, I have only one thing to say.

“The curry was good, but could have had more broccoli.”

PS. It is the festive season so I won’t be posting daily until January. I may make a few surprise posts but it shall not be a regular thing. Happy New Year.