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LuckI consider myself quite a lucky individual. It has not always been like that. I used to be incredibly unlucky. I was the guy that battled Murphy at every turn. Seriously, if there was the smallest chance that something could go wrong with something I was planning or doing, it went wrong. The odds were often astounding. Worst part was, the more unluck I got, the unluckier I believed I was…the cycle just continued.

When I was overseas, on the second night there or something like that, Vic and I were watching something on the television. Honestly, I have no idea what it was because the language was some odd version of French, but an advert came on and the message was, luckily, in English. “Luck is an attitude”. It was one of those moments you have when your attention is drawn to something unexpectedly. “Luck is an attitude.” It got me to thinking. Vic and I decided that it was a correct statement and adopted it as a motto for our trip.

My life changed from that moment onward. Suddenly, simply because I had decided that I was lucky, I was lucky. Things started happening for me. I always believed in manifestation, but for some odd reason I didn’t link it to luck. Silly me. Anyways, things got crazy, and the more I believed I was lucky, the luckier I got. And it wasn’t just silly things, I got bumped up to business class, got free accommodation,  free food, met friends with out plans in another countries. It is really quite ridiculous.

My point is this. If you consider yourself an unlucky person, stop. Change your mind, just pretend that you are a lucky individual. Seriously, it is that simple. If it comes up in conversation, just tell people you are lucky. If something happens and you require a little bit of luck, just see yourself as lucky. Basically just convince yourself that you are incredibly lucky and the Universe will start treating you that way.

There is a buffer though. The Universe has to get through all the times you convinced it that you were unlucky, so be patient. Don’t give up on the first day, just carry on. I guarantee you that your luck will change. And what’s more, it is kinda contagious. I found that the luckier I got, and the more I spoke about and shared that luck with people around me, the luckier they got. Amazing things happen to everyone around me. I am not saying I am solely responsible, but I definitely have contributed to an aura of luck. An environment, if you will.

Give it a try. Luck is an attitude.

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