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capetownCape Town is an interesting place. This past Friday stood testament to this. Sammy, my German friend, and went to a pool party. It was a beautiful day, and cold beers were necessary. Unfortunately I had to go into work at four o’clock that afternoon, so the pool part antics had to be minimal. If I had known exactly what I would have been doing at work, things may have been different. Ironically enough, the pool party had more German speaking people than anything else; Sammy was surprised. 

While in the pool I got a call from an unknown number, if I could I would change “unknown number” on my phone to “adventure time”. The guy on the other end asked if he was speaking to Kyle and then invited me to Llandudlo for a music video shoot. “There are free drinks, models and the view is epic.” He had me at free. The plan was, go to work and then head to the shoot. I arrived at work while they were handing out the secret Santa gifts. Secret Santa, for those of you that don’t know, is when everyone draws a name out of a hat and buys a relatively inexpensive present for that respective person. I got a beer pong set. So I got to work, got a gift and then played beer pong. Another tough day in Africa.

Kyle finished work just after five and we arranged that he come through, pick us up and we will make our way to the shoot just after seven, then through to another pool party at Kyle’s mate Chris’ house in Camps Bay. So Sammy and I went back to the first pool party for round two. That was the first warning that the night was going to get huge.

Eventually we made it to the shoot and the guy who called me turned out to be an old mate from Joburg, Thumi. He did not lie in the description, we were met with the entrance to a huge mansion overlooking Llandudlo, models in bikinis and even free food. Heaven. We were told to dance and have fun, and there was a dwarf. This was my idea of fun. We met a bunch of cool people and eventually decided to go through to Chris’ place. Thanks to Classy Menace for the hospitality.

Chris, just by the way, some how made it to Kevin Spacey’s place in Cape Town for the after party of MCQP the following night. This is what Cape Town is like. We even spotted Til Schweiger (Inglorious Bastards) on the promenade.

Any who, the night went from Chris to a randoms birthday party complete with a ladder and a party on the roof, to town complete with dancing and the like. Sammy has had a great time I am sure.

What a place.

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