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DSC00041I used to work for BMW. I was in a long term relationship, it was serious; we were speaking about getting a dog and gardening. Those are long term discussions. You do not speak with your girlfriend about getting a dog if you are planning on getting out. Dogs are like having a child. It’s not just something one can walk away from. I was earning well and we did things. We were constantly going on weekends away. We saw two or three countries in Southern Africa and we did more than our fair share of traveling to places within South Africa. 

But one morning I woke up and I had this impulse to go. Leave everything and go. I wasn’t sure why, it just got stronger and stronger until I was at a point that I couldn’t ignore it anymore. My girlfriend at the time and my relationship deteriorated and even though we both tried to save it, my heart wasn’t in it anymore. Not to say I didn’t love her, but more that my spirit was looking for a journey. And eventually we sat down and chatted and found we were both in similar places on different levels. We both sought freedom. Not necessarily from each other though. We split ways and I moved back home. I began to plan. To plot a way out of debt and to be off. To Taiwan maybe, to teach English? I wasn’t sure what I actually wanted to do but I knew my heart was pulling me away.

I planned to go to Taiwan after going to Spain to walk the road to Santiago. I began pumping every last cent I had into paying off debt, I sold my car and started saving once I had gotten out of debt completely. This took about a year. A couple of months before I was due to go, my good friend Victor decided to join me. We changed the plan to include grandeur. We would walk across Spain, travel Europe for a while. Move off to Turkey, India and Thailand and come home after six months. We promised each other that if we were going to quit our jobs and do this, we were to do it properly. We decided that winging the whole trip was the way to do it. We would book a night in Paris for the day we arrive and one night in Mumbai the day we arrive. Those were our pillars of stability. The rest would be spontaneous. This was the single best decision I have ever made in my life.

I started counting down from 181 days before I left. Every day. I eventually resigned from my job with a story. The resignation letter was literally a story.resigletter And Vic and I eventually were off. I kept a diary of this adventure, both written and video. I’m going to go through the adventure in this category. Just a share a little bit of the loving world we went out to meet. There is love in the world. I found plenty.