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sunsetsundayI met two German fellows, Sammy and Clemens, on the Camino De Santiago, a pilgrimage across the northern parts of Spain. After walking together for two weeks or so across Spain, they invited us to spend some time with them in Germany. The nature of how Vic and I traveled afforded us the pleasure of taking him up on his offer. We kinda just said “sweet”, high fived on it and a month or so later, met him in Stuttgart, Germany. I have to say that their hospitality rivaled the Poles. They really made us feel at home and naturally we offered them a place to stay in South Africa. 

Needless to say it was one of those friendships that is forged in the time constraints of travel, making it develop at a phenomenal rate. We have spent, cumulatively, three and a half weeks together and have seen four countries on two continents. That is quite a feat, and stands testament to the type of friendship that ensued. Yesterday Sammy arrived in Cape Town.

Being a huge fan of my home country, I naturally spoke very highly of it on our travels…and since (previous post). Well it seems that South Africa has not disappointed. Upon arrival, Trace and I met him with a cup o Vida. We missioned back to our place, and dazzled him with the epic drive back into Cape Town. Beer was the natural progression and after cracking our first cold one, we decided to take a walk along the promenade in Sea Point to Beluga to have some lunch.

Beluga deserves it’s own paragraph here. Most Sundays, friends and I go to Beluga for their half price cocktail and sushi special. Their service is almost always impeccable, their sushi is always fresh and their beer is always cold. A great place to have Sunday, well, anything really. Yesterday was no different. Sammy and I had booked a table, but arrived a half an hour early so we sat at the bar and had a couple beers while we waited. Before long we had a couple of caramel vodka shots in front of us compliments of the manager on duty, John. What a guy. He made us, and especially Sammy, feel like VIP’s. He made sure we were looked after and told the waiter to give Sammy extra special attention after finding out he was from Germany and that it was his first time in South Africa, and Cape Town. They really out did themselves with the sushi. Sammy said it is the best he has ever had. Thank you Beluga.

After eating our fill and having many more beers we tagged along with Michaela and Craig (more fantastic friends of mine) to Kirstenbosch Gardens to watch Zebra and Giraffe play in the park. I had never been (for some God-forsaken reason) and we were both blown away with more beauty. They played amazingly, and was great to see Mike (the previous key-board player and now drummer) again. What a champ.

Then back to our awesome home in Sea Point to have yet another beer and watch the sunset. We even listened to the Lion King’s Circle of Life. Epic to say the least. Upon asking Sammy how his first day was, he responded with: South Africa is amazing, der beste tag meines lebens (the best day of my life).

Mission accomplished.