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inthewaterI love the ocean. I love to look at the ocean. I love to smell the ocean. I love to swim in the ocean. I EVEN like things inside the ocean. It is unfortunate that there are certain ocean related creatures that make your life as hellish as possible.

Yesterday, the company I work for had their year end Christmas function. It was great. A train ride (I love trains) to Kalk Bay (I love Kalk Bay) and lunch at the Brass Bell (I love the ocean view there). Many drinks were had, and that is a big contributing factor with regards to the length of this post. My head hurts, and my foot hurts.

“Your foot hurts?” I hear you mumble to yourself? SEA BLOODY URCHINS! They are horrid little creatures and I have half of one in my foot. IN MY FOOT. A they are hooked, they don’t come out easily. Not a fan.

But that will teach me to listen to people that say it is a good idea to jump through a window and go swimming in a tidal pool after drinking.

Good day.