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MotivationMotivation is a tricky one. It always seems like a “catch 22” to me. You need to be motivated to make the necessary changes to get motivated. But over time I have found that there are a couple easy ways to get yourself motivated and back on the track to making awesome.

Begin with the basics, exercise and food. I find that when ever I am feeling down and out I just need to put some good healthy food in me for a couple of days and make sure I do some sort of exercise. I can always feel a difference in the first day.

I believe that it is important to put good, healthy food into our bodies as much as possible. Now, I am not saying that I have a vendetta against good tasting food, oh no. The brownies, carrot cake and fresh vegetable juice I had today alone will stand testament. All I am saying is: find recipes with a healthy alternative to the ingredients. Find a way to make healthy food tasty, and it will be very easy to motivate yourself to continue eating well. This food is going to become part of us after all.

Whether exercise is good because it gets the blood pumping, encourages serotonin (happy hormone) secretion or because it forces you to have a little time alone is inconsequential. The point is that you feel really good afterwards. And there is no excuse for all you people that think you are out of shape so don’t try at all. Go for a walk. Take half an hour out of the end of your day and go for a walk. The changes you notice and the feeling you get will encourage you to continue and even up the intensity. No need to run before you walk.

Both exercise and nutrition lend themselves to one other super important motivation booster. Confidence. Eating right, especially in-conjunction with exercise will make you look, as well as feel better. If you are overweight, you are bound to lose some kilos and if you are skinny, you will return to that healthy glow. No one feels worse about them selves when they are feeling healthy.

These two fundamentals alone have pulled me out of slumps, and I am a firm believer that they would go far to greatly assisting depression sufferers. I am always surprised as to how much of a difference they make.

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