IMG-20121202-00062The closest I have ever come to celebrating Thanksgiving, besides my daily appreciation for random things, was the sitcom ‘Friends’. To be honest I had no idea it was so close to December, possibly because I had no idea when it was at all. Anyways, I met a lovely young American a couple months ago, named Shelley. What a ray of sunshine, probably the happiest person I ever met. She invited me to a Thanksgiving lunch yesterday. 

It was really well set up. There was an online list that had everything they needed, with quantities, to make it a success. All you had to do was choose what you felt like making, everyone could see your choice and that way we weren’t stuck with fourteen bowls of mash or seventeen turkeys and nothing else. The list was pretty comprehensive; it had everything from beer to candied yams to honey glazed gamon. Living with a vegan, I chose to make the less meaty sorts. And carefully selected that I would bring a case of beer (a no brainer – that way there will definitely be enough of the good stuff).

The other two dishes I made were completely experimental. I made a pasta salad with home made basil pesto and cherry tomatoes and a potato salad. To be honest, the pasta salad was more the experimental one. I don’t own a food processor so the pesto was made from basil that was chopped as finely as my patience would allow. The potato salad was, well, potatoes and mayo, with chopped chives as a twist. It all worked out really well.

The actual event was awesome. Everyone was jolly and ready to party. I met some really amazing people and laughter ran around the property like a kid with ADD. The food. Oh my God the food. It is no wonder that there are jokes about Americans being obese. If my family had some traditional dishes like that, we would have to start sowing pants together for  an XXXXL fit. One example was the candied yams. Basically sweet potato baked with marshmallows on top. I do not, and would not in four lifetimes, have enough time to get sick of that dish. It is outside of my command of the English language to be able to describe its sheer amazingness.

I also got introduced to stuffing that wasn’t stuffed into anything. I really couldn’t understand why it was called stuffing if it wasn’t shoved into the back of a turkey or something similar. That was until I tasted it. Now I know. It is called ‘stuffing’ because you stuff that stuff into your mouth like a BAUWS. That good. Special thanks to Shelley for forcing me to try that one.

Well, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for yesterday. An all round fantastic day. Great people, great food, great laughter and best of all, a sunset to rival all others. Thank you to Shelley, Robynne and Adam for everything. What a day.