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The internet is a wonderful source of information. If a question pops up and no one knows the answer off-hand, “Google it” becomes the accepted substitute. Sure, the sheer magnitude of information out there makes it difficult to discern between accurate or reliable answers and answers that are just far off anything that resembles “possibly correct”, but even questions that have bugged the brains of all throughout the ages can be answered with the internet. This is not to say that you are going to get an answer that satisfies, or is correct. But you are more than likely to stumble upon something that will make you laugh.

And boy do I enjoy a good laugh. Throw a question like “What is the meaning of life?” at the web and you will get a host of responses ranging from technical descriptions and definitions (and other ways of asking it) to Monty Python films. From Intergalactic whatchamado exchanges to short and concise answers like “drugs”. This is all providing you have ‘safe search’ selected, otherwise even the most innocent of searches can return an surprising amount of accurate pornographic results. People have learnt to mix sex with just about anything. “The birds and the bees” is no longer a euphemism because some bright spark, with an magnitude of deep issues, has managed to have intercourse with both species, literally.

And then there are the things you find that are nothing short of awesome. People can do the most fantastic things. Things that can only be matched or beaten by the likes of Sam Marcisz’s hair, which is fantastic to say the least, and keeps getting better with every day. Slicing a moving BB bullet in half with a samurai sword , to Foosball moves that make you wonder if some people are born with real life super powers, to people that can scale 10 foot walls in a matter of seconds. People can do the most awesome shit, and now we get to watch it all!

But it was on a beautiful Saturday morning, that Trace (a young lady that should surely fall under the definition of the word ‘awesome) and I discovered the  holy grail of YouTube videos. The messiah of disturbing. The king of all weird. A video that made me question the state of human beings, that made me want to cry and laugh at the same time but rendered only one state in me, speechlessness. Aptly titled, “The WTF video of the Week”, I have never been the same. Watch, if you dare.