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I get pretty excited about things. I remember when I was younger, getting a fresh box of coco pops was enough to get me into bed early. The earlier I went to bed the quicker I could wake up and munch on a bowl of cereal that tastes like a chocolate milkshake, only crunchy. Don’t get me started on birthdays, Christmas or holidays. I would battle to sleep for nights and nights before the event. Sometimes even months. It is ridiculous.

Before my trip around Europe earlier this year, I counted down every day from 181 days, without fail. I actually wear myself down physically with excitement, probably just so that I can manage to get some shut eye. On this trip, and pretty much ever since, I slept in the company of any where between one and a bazillion people. This didn’t afford me much time to myself. Constantly getting smashed in the face with pillows for snoring, other people snoring (not that I could hear much over my own), lights coming on at weird times and no “Kyle” time. The list of reasons why I was craving my own space grew with every day. Until it got the point where if I imagined myself closing a door to my own room behind me I got a little teary.

Well, two days ago we moved into a new place in Sea Point Cape Town. ‘Beautiful’ is a word used to describe something that is no where near the caliber of this small but busy coastal suburb. If you have not been there before, you basically are a non-human. You have not been born yet. You need to sit down and have a serious chat with yourself about your life and where it is heading. It should be heading to Cape Town. Not only do I have my own room, but I have my very own bed. A queen size extra length. I slept on it so HARD.

Basically, I have never been so excited in my life for something, and now that I have it, the excitement has not faded in the least. Right now, I am fantasising about going home and getting into bed. I dreamed, last night, about sleeping. I cannot put into words how awesome my bed is. If beds were infants in a world where awesome is measured by strength, my bed would be a hybrid offspring of the Hulk, Thor and that weird baby that was so strong in the Flinstones.