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I am not a very religious person. By that, I mean that I am not religious at all. I was brought up Catholic, but at the ripe old age of “I’m sixteen and know everything”, I denounced my religion and followed the cool kids into the Godless world of Atheism. Admittedly, it was not a thought based thing from my side at first. I honestly just thought it was funnier and more cool to be the “deviant rebellious hate-child”. Blasphemous jokes were funnier because of the unlikely punishment of eternity in hell.

Over the next couple of years, I discovered that I can think for myself and my thoughts did not have to be at the whimsical command of the majority or, in my case, the rebellious minority. That is not to say, however, that I discovered “my faith”. It became clear to me, through research and using an uncommon technique whereby you think further than your nose (logic) that I actually fell in a grey area. Technically I was still an atheist, because I do not believe in God or a higher power (or a lower power for that matter, more that we are all on equal ground), but I also did not believe that everything we see is all there is and when you die you are simply deleted from existence.  I also figured out that spiritual scriptures were stories outlining an underlying truth, rather than a literal guide on how to live.

Being a little bit older and employing this thing called “logic” even more, I am a little more confident in what I do and do not believe. I do not believe that there is a God out there somewhere watching our every move with nothing better to do than keep a demerit sheet to decide whether we can chill in a place where you can chat to all them good dead people (apparently you get a VIP card if you kick the bucket as an infant and can play the harp). I do not believe in a Devil that rules the darkness and recruits people to do evil things so that the God chap can deny access sending you into a firey pit of torment. I do believe, however, that there is a lot more going on than we can begin to conceive.

I believe in myself. An arrogant and narcissistic seeming stand point. But it is a little deeper than that. I believe in being fair. I believe I have a responsibility to make the most of my life, and to enjoy doing that. I believe that I am responsible for everything that occurs in my life. I also believe I do not have a say in how others live their life, but that they are responsible for whatever goes on in it. I believe in choice. I believe that stuff happens and whether we have control over it or not, we have a responsibility to deal with it. To move and continue. If you choose to use circumstance as an excuse to be sad, cool. If you use it as an excuse to be happy, cool. What is not cool, is when you consciously try and upset this paradigm for others.

I believe that I do not know everything. That I do not have all the facts and therefore cannot really judge anything (although, like everyone else, I do). I believe in possibilities, I am not saying that God cannot exist, I’m just saying he probably doesn’t. Just the same as I cannot vehemently say that any wild fictional story cannot be true. Just that it probably isn’t. I believe that working with the facts that we do have, we should just be a little more civil to everyone with the understanding that we probably don’t understand the full set of circumstances around any situation and should not be so quick to judge it.

I believe that happiness is a choice. That good and bad things happen to everyone and in the end someone is always going to focus on one more than the other. Life is simply a case of circumstances that we allow to influence our state of mind, but that we don’t necessarily have to let them. I believe there is probably someone out there who has a whole lot more trouble in his/her life and is happier than I am. And that there is probably someone out there that has life a whole bunch easier than I do, and is sadder than I am. I believe that choosing to be happy makes my life a whole bunch easier than the alternative.

But most of all, I believe I do not know much about the inner workings of the Universe. I do not have all the facts. I  do not know if this reality is even real. For all I know, we could be a dream, a figment of someones imagination, a joke, a game. It probably isn’t like that, but I do not know for sure. Everything is subjective, we all interpret our reality through a perspective we hold in our mind. We could all be wrong, we could all be right.

One fact I am semi-sure of is that anything could be possible. I choose to live my life according to that.