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I have always wondered about good and bad. What makes something good and what makes something bad? It used to be so clear cut, almost simple. Bad things are things that happen to you that make you sad and good things are things that happen to you that make you happy. But now, maybe due to a change in perspective, things are not so black and white. Circumstances now float in this huge “grey” area.

I mean, back in the day, I used to be at the mercy of things that happened to me. For example, if I cut my big toe off (true story) it was pretty clear to me that it was a bad event. Who would agree that slicing an appendage off is ever a good thing? Well, now I am not so sure. If I think back to the amazing things that transpired from that event, I wonder if it was just a seemingly bad event.

It all started with a story that I came across, one of those “hot damn, that shit has thrown my world upside down” kinda stories. This is the story, paraphrased:

“Once upon a time there was a farmer that lived with his son. They had one stallion that helped them with all their farming duties. They road it into the farmers market, it carried loads, helped with ploughing; you name it, the horse had a hoof in it. One day the son left the stable open by accident and the stallion ran away in the middle of the night. “What terrible luck!” exclaimed the farmer’s neighbours. The farmer smiled and replied, “Good luck, bad luck, who knows?”.The next evening the stallion returned to the stable with five wild mares. “What incredible luck!!” exclaimed the neighbours. Once again, the farmer smiled and said “Good luck, bad luck, who knows?”.The farmer’s son, while trying to tame the wild mares, got kicked in the leg leaving it broken. “What terrible luck!!” the neighbours shouted. Once again, the farmer just smiled and said “Good luck, bad luck who knows?”.The next day the country went to war and all the first born sons were called to fight, except his son due to the broken leg. “What amazing luck!!” exclaimed the neighbours.
“Good luck, bad luck who knows?”
I think that it is impossible to really judge the polarity of an event. In fact, I think it is impossible to really judge anything, fairly. In order for it to be a fair judgement, we must have all the facts involved. Considering our incredibly limited knowledge of how the Universe actually works, it is improbable to acquire all the facts surrounding a particular event and impossible to know whether we actually have acquired all the facts.

This opens a whole world of logical paradoxes. How do we know when something is truly good or bad? How do we know if something is truly right or wrong? Unless we consider it relative to something, we cannot ever absolutely know.

I am not condoning good or bad behaviour, I am not saying that the piano that fell onto your aunt is a good thing or that you winning the lottery is a bad thing. I am not saying that killing someone is bad or that saving someone is good. I have a personal view point on these things, but it is subjective. Completely relative to how I see my reality, so I will continue to act as if falling music deaths are bad and free money is good. I will continue to act as if killing someone is bad and saving someone is good until my perspective shifts once again.

All I am really saying is that objectively, and absolutely, we can never truly know.