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Yesterday my good friend Cassandra and I were arguing about arguing, and this article is a DIRECT result of it. I love to argue. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I always fancy a good dance with debate. Not everyone, however, know the reasons why I like to argue/debate. Contrary to popular belief, it is not because I think that my ‘shit don’t stink’ or that my opinion is the ‘Lord Supreme Ruler of all opinions’. No, the reasons are rooted far deeper than that. Admittedly, sometimes I do argue because I have my head up my own bum and sometimes simply for the sake of being difficult. But generally speaking there is a concise and particular reason as to why I take to battle armed with words.

For convenience, from here on forward, “opinion” will be referred to by its personification, Mr O.
I consider myself quite a logical person. Again, I’m not saying I am never blessed with bouts of stupidity or that I am never blinded with by the rays of confusion. But generally speaking, I am quite logical. It is through this logic that I have developed a love for arguing. For me, it is the most fool proof way to test the boundaries, avenues and values of the Mr O I am faced with. It is not to say that I disagree with that particular Mr O, it is more that I want to explore that Mr O more completely. And what better way than to test the boundaries of Mr O, than in his home turf.

I am abandoning the “Mr O” reference due to the fact that this blog is meant to be for all ages and it sounds like this post is a watered down version of 50 shades.

So I argue. Obviously, the opinion in question is opposed to mine, otherwise I would be high fiving the person wielding it instead. I explore it; use my view to challenge every facet of that opinion. That way, if that opinion comes out on top, I know that it is, in fact, superior. This is the point where I would say something clever like “Good point.”, shut up and go and think about it more. Then, adopt it if it reigns superior or figure out a good counter to re-explore.

Many people find this tiring because I come across as a conceited, argumentative and egocentric tycoon.  Where, in reality (or rather my mind), I merely value and respect the person holding that opinion and care to give them the time to explain it and explore it more completely within their own mind space. If I didn’t value or respect the person, I would end up saying things completely unrelated or to simply piss that person off. I had an argument the other day where it got personal, that is where I jumped ship and responded with a lovely quote from Adventure Time’s ‘Royal Tart Toter’.

Needless to say, I’m probably going to continue with this method, until someone can convince me of something superior. Bring it on.