I am quite a big fan of food in general. I hate marzipan, but recently learned that there are people that like marzipan that are not idiots. One couple to be exact. Anyways, because I am a man, I like beer and boerie rolls. Quite a lot in fact. Naturally there was child like excitement when a colleague told me about a competition where I could win a free beer and boerie roll every week for a year. Short story shorter, you had to write a comment about the opening of Gourmet Boerie.

I made the top five, and at the time of writing this, the results are still pending. These were the finalists:

Gourmet Boerie opens on Monday (05/11/2012) and I wait with baited breath.

You can have a look at their menu here.

As an aside, this is my first post. Yay me.